3-Pack of CBD Drink Drops 600mg - Buy Two, Get One Free

(Due to Free Shipping the Hemp Drink Drops have to be ordered separately from cases of spring water)

More powerful than any hemp oil out there. We formulated a whole plant extract that is suspended in our pristine spring water, so the effects are immediate when compared to that of oils.

To learn more about this formula, why it's unique and to see our 3rd party verified testing you can visit our informational site here.


Customer Testimonials:

Greetings, I've ordered several vials of the 600mg hemp drink drops over the past few months for my elderly parents. They've both been amazed at how much the drops help with their pain and anxiety.

They have tried literally dozens of different tinctures, tonics, ointments and related products; none of which worked nearly as well for their ailments. I have several clients that are Cannabis & CBD consultants and will let them know how impressed we have been.

~Aaron G

Northampton MA


I suffer from many chronic challenges, from a very aggressive autoimmune disorder (to which I lost my colon) to fibromyalgia, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Since using the Amethyst Hemp Drink Drops, I noticed a marked pain relief and a calmer spirit. I sleep better at night. I used it after my daughter's second seizure and she did not have one after or since. I hope I am never without it.

~Izabela, Ontario


All that I can say is that I’m honestly shocked. After 50 years of taking pharmaceuticals, nothing has ever brought relief this fast. This is my ninth day of taking the Hemp Drink Drops and it's my second day with almost any pain whatsoever. I'm beyond happy to continue taking them, and I’m going to let the company know that if this continues eliminating 90% of my pain after 50 years I will be the poster boy…

 ~Kenny E, Statin Island, NY


Omg! The Hemp Drink Drops are amazing!

I've been on the fence about trying any type of CBD oils, not knowing if they would really work. When I heard Tourmaline Springs was in the process of creating not an oil, but a water-soluble Hemp formula with the sacred spring water I knew I had to take a leap of faith and try it out! I already love the spring water so I figured what's the worst that could happen.

Well, this is what happened! I suffer from insomnia and the ability to stay asleep. Since using the drops, I have been able to get a restful nights sleep, without feeling like I've been hit by a bus in the morning. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I have noticed with using the drops my moods have been lifted and my stress levels are much more manageable than before. I am much more focused on my children and tasks at work. I am able to shut my brain off and keep my anxiety at bay. Which also has helped with sleeping!

Apparently, I have been living with constant back and joint pain that had become my norm. I only noticed this because I had two very busy days where I forgot to take the CBD Drink Drops in the morning, and by noontime, I was looking for Tylenol for relief from the pain I didn't know I had. I don't know if this is too much information but when I was on my period I put the drops under my tongue and within a few minutes, my cramps and headache were completely gone. Not just dulled and tolerable like when taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol, they were GONE!

I am so happy I took this leap! I think I know why I hadn't tried any other CBD oil, I believe it was the universe telling me to wait and try Tourmaline Spring’s Amethyst Elixir. I'm so happy with this product, I am hooked for life!

-Becky J.


I have been curious about CBD for a while now and I have been studying up about it and hearing great things. I don't have any serious health conditions, just some minor complaints. As a working mother of an active five-year-old, I get very little time for self-care. I have been experiencing things like mild joint pain, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue and complaints related to menstrual periods, like cramps and low energy.

When I saw your product. I was impressed with the beautiful label and the info card detailing the special aspects of your formulation. Immediately upon taking your tincture, I felt positive effects. I felt a lift in my energy and mood, clarity of mind and eventual relief from the pains in my joints. I have experienced my first period without Ibuprofen, probably ever!

I feel when I take this tincture that I am infused with really positive, benevolent plant energy, like a massage for my cells!



I have been conscientiously following an herbal protocol for the past 9 months for a long time case of Lyme. The addition of your CBD drink drops has definitely improved my quality of life by contributing to less overall inflammation and pain. I am currently taking three droppers full a day along with my other herbs. It is definitely incredibly helpful and effective.  



Wanted to mention that during the night when I was sleeping this past Sunday I had that ache in my neck again. I realize I had forgotten to take the CBD all day Sunday and the last time I had taken it was Saturday morning – almost 48 hours before. I took it first thing in the morning on Monday and it hasn’t bothered me since.



I am in my mid to upper 60s and have had issues with my shoulder. It was diagnosed as bursitis as a result of playing pickleball for several months I presume. Physical therapy helped a bit, but I reached a plateau. In addition to discomfort with certain movement of my arm, I also had discomfort in the joint itself that I would describe as a constant ache. I tried amethyst elixir CBD Drink Drops and after two days, I no longer had that discomfort. This enabled me to continue my physical therapy. I took two dropper full’s for the first two days, and have been taking one dropper full to 1 1/2 dropper full‘s every single day since. I weigh about 115 pounds. Thank you for an excellent product.

~Stephanie, N.D.


My 37 year old son was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis when he was 20. About 10 years ago, the very expensive medication had quit working for pain relief. We have tried many products in that 10 years, including other CBD products, that did not work. He has been on Tourmaline Spring CBD Drink Drops for two weeks and for the first time noticed a drop in the level of pain. I just ordered 5 more bottles. He has hope. Thank you so much.