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October 20, 2019

Water-soluble CBD drink drops are the bee’s knees for bioactive cannabinoid compounds that work quickly and deeply through your whole body.  They are synergistic with your endocannabinoid system so you can experience healing, pain relief, and improved well-being, as well as many other benefits that you can read about in our other articles.


We wanted to take your CBD experience to an entirely new, exponentially more enlightening level by blending our highly potent CBD drink drops with RAW Tourmaline Spring natural water.


What makes this combination so special?


These are both extremely rare and highly beneficial elements that can expand your experience of health and vitality. Tourmaline Spring water is always bottled raw and cold, right at the source of the spring, just as nature intended.


Raw water from Tourmaline Spring is structured, which means the molecules of water are aligned and spaced to function best in the body. Our cells make structured water in small amounts, as that’s what keeps them in their healthiest state. The water from your tap isn’t structured, it’s disordered and chaotic, making it harder for the body to use.


Raw Tourmaline Spring water passes through cell membranes more easily so it hydrates cells better. Combining this deeply hydrating water with potent full-spectrum nano-emulsified CBD drink drops makes it a power-packed drink that enables more efficient use of the cannabinoids present in the drink drops and the CBD water.


This unique beverage combines the cleanest, freshest, most biocompatible water with the most potent form of CBD available.  You won’t feel the high of a THC containing product. Instead, you’ll feel the bliss of your body reaching peak health and your mind is more connected to your truest self through what is called “the entourage effect” and its subsequent “saturation effect”.  This is the most biologically active product available, and we’re proud to have perfectly blended these ingredients for your continued healing and growth.


If you’ve never tried raw, living Tourmaline Spring water before, this is your perfect opportunity. Not only will you have the benefits of the most delicious, natural water available, but you'll also be providing your tissues with the potent, water-soluble cannabinoids that support vibrant health and longevity.

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