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October 20, 2019

CBD: so who do you trust? (from the Co-founder of Tourmaline Spring)

From growing up cannabis-friendly’ household, to witnessing how socially taboo the topic of legal cannabis was in mainstream society, to starting our first hemp company in 1998 in order to create greater awareness around the importance of this plant, to watching recreational marijuana become legal in 10 states, medical marijuana become legal in 33 states, industrial hemp become legal in all 50 states, and then to watch the unprecedented onslaught of money-hungry entrepreneurs many of whom are bastardizing the integrity of an industry that has the potential to change the world – I knew that my team and I needed to take action.

My family and I  started selling hemp shoes in 1991, we started our first hemp body care product line in 1998 and my brother and I have been advocates of all things legal cannabis since our childhood because we have always known that legal hemp has the potential to disrupt all sectors of industry that are toxic, thereby hurting the health of people and the planet.

Here are a couple of press releases about our company that was released in the year 2000-2001. Since birth, we have always cared about the health of all, and we have consistently built companies that reflect those values. Below these articles are the COA's for the hemp extracts we use in both the Tourmaline Spring CBD water and the Drink Drops tinctures.

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