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October 16, 2019

www.TourmalineSpring.com Made in small batches, this is the perfect combination of the finest spring water on earth infused with the highest quality hemp extract available anywhere! We press the oil from organically grown whole hemp plants (with their naturally occurring full-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, amino acids, and bioflavonoids) that are then made to be water-soluble.

It is processed without heat so it’s a “Raw/Living” extract! There are no heavy metals, pesticide residues, biological contaminants or chemical extractants. It took over a year to develop this formula. We were only interested in adding the cleanest and strongest plant extracts available anywhere to our pristine spring water and we're happy to say we have succeeded in our mission! Try this perfect infusion today and begin activating your own endocannabinoid system so that your health returns more vibrant than ever!

~ Q: Why does Tourmaline Spring CBD water taste like "Tea" and how come other CBD waters don't taste like anything? ~ A: Every other brand of CBD Water that we have tried all use isolates and highly processed forms of CBD that are stripped of their most important compounds and thus health benefits. ~ Ours is not. It is a whole-plant extract (100% hemp) with all the cannabinoids/terpenes/bioflavonoids, amino acids, wax's, etc, present in the formulation.

When people spend good money on plant medicine products we feel they should get unadulterated, potent, effective and highly bioavailable plant medicines, not highly processed "fallen far from the tree" CBD products (most of what is out there).

~ Our full-spectrum, whole-hemp extract is the difference between getting your food directly from an organic farmer (who cares for all aspects of their crop; from the soil, to seed, to water, to organic fertilizer, to the nutritious harvest) compared to getting your "food" from a highly processed, nutrient lacking, un-loved fast-food restaurant.

~ You can feel confident that when you purchase Tourmaline Spring CBD Water you are investing in the most potent and bioavailable cannabinoid extract available anywhere on the planet suspended in our international, top-place, multiple award-winning spring water - the finest on Earth. This is the zenith of CBD Water products. Nothing compares.

~The highest quality most ethically sourced bottle water on earth and it comes from Maine

~Complete exemption from treatment, a “living water” (because our purity levels exceed all state and federal guidelines for drinking water out of the ground).

~State of Maine premium grade designation (only company in Maine to currently hold this)

~We only take the overflow that naturally bubbles out of the spring (no boreholes) and gravity feed it into the bottling facility (the only known gravity fed bottling facility).

~Naturally filtered through almost 1000 feet of sand, silt and bedrock from an aquifer deep below the earth’s surface, from a time before pollutants (mother nature’s perfect filtration system).

~Over a decade of comprehensive accredited water testing to demonstrate unwavering purity (because we don’t use boreholes our purity levels and flavor remain consistent, unlike other brands that can change from week to week).

~Complete transparency (we show you the source online)

~A small family owned bottling facility in the woods of Maine (not corporate bottled water).

~A rare high-elevation spring made possible by a highly pressurized aquifer deep under the ground (most springs are low-elevation because their aquifers are not pressurized enough to push them to the surface).

~Elegant/Attractive eco-packaging

~Low TDS (total dissolved solids-Ig:mineral content) with a PH between 6.8-7.2

~Flawless, gem quality water

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Testimonials: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- True story...I’m horribly out of shape. I’ve been 3 years with little weight lifting or exercise. I just moved 1 and a 1/2 cords of wood up a flight of stairs through the house, and then organized it on the front porch this past weekend. Guess what? .... I am not sore at all!!! I confident it’s because I’ve been drinking Tourmaline Spring CBD water! Thank you T.S. P.S. I need more

~Lisa Gaski

I have a very labor intensive job. I can lift a ton of feed in a shift at times, ending up in a lot of pain. But lately I've been drinking Tourmaline Spring CBD water. I drink it throughout my entire shift while I've been doing my usual at work. An entire 2000 lbs of cat, dog, and livestock feeds lifted onto a cart then taken out to the sales floor and put away. My back and shoulders have not been hurting since I've been drinking TS CBD water! And without the pain I was able to get the process done that much faster! Love love love this water!!

~Barbara True

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