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December 03, 2018

Reason #9 This water is probably the naturally purest substance you have ever put into your body. Disclaimer: the Spring that I’m speaking at during the filming of this video is not Tourmaline Spring. It is a low elevation, untested spring in the woods of Maine. Tourmaline Spring is a rare high-elevation source that has been extensively tested for every detectable impurity for over 15 years. We have Preserved One of the Last Great Natural Spring Water Sources in North America for Future Generations There are only a few truly prolific natural cold springs that bubble up through granite (creating verifiable natural purity that cannot be replicated by machines), left in our world today.

And no matter how naturally pure the water from such sources may be when it’s under the ground - the moment it becomes exposed to the Earth’s surface it is contaminated with radioactive isotopes, industrial pollutants, geo-engineering waste, chemical fertilization of our farm lands, etc., etc., etc., all the result of a greed driven world who values money over our personal and planetary health.

The Steward of our spring Bryan, was judicious enough to realize that putting a stainless steel containment apparatus around the source (where the spring water bubbles to the Earth’s surface) would encapsulate it, and allow the water to retain its natural purity without becoming exposed to and getting contaminated by radioactive isotopes, acidic rain, pollutants/etc.

Fifteen years of comprehensive water analysis testing demonstrates this is so. Tourmaline Spring water has been ‘stored’ deep down inside of the earth (and was probably made down there as primary water – but that’s for another video). As a result of having been produced and ‘cured’ underground free of anthropogenic (man’s influence) input, and then being protected as it bubbles to the Earth’s surface, we are able to bottle a water that may be as naturally pure as a natural product can be.

In a time when even the highest quality certified organic foods are now contaminated with man-made pollutants, it is exceedingly rare to find any consumable product as naturally pure as Tourmaline Spring is.

One more reason that makes Tourmaline Spring the “rare gem” of drinking water!