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December 03, 2018

Even though the water of Tourmaline Spring bubbles up through one of the most mineralized and complex granite bodies in North America, it has a remarkably low TDS (total dissolved solids; 59-63 depending on the time of year) or mineral content, another reason that makes this spring water anomalous and considered a 'rare geologic phenomenon.

This spring water doesn't contain any hard or inorganic minerals, only trace minerals, and well-balanced naturally occurring electrolytes that contribute to its international multi-award winning taste profile. This is remarkable because most of the natural springs in the area have very high Total Dissolved Solids (2-300 and above) despite the fact that they all come from the same region and through the same granite bodies.

This proven fact is one more reason that in the case of Tourmaline Spring - Mother Nature got it right and created a perfect drinking water making it the rare gem of spring water!