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December 05, 2018

Take back the tap? Go ahead, take it back - it was never taken away from you to begin with.

While ‘take back the tap’ advocates may have good intentions, they’re not looking at the bigger picture.

 By telling someone that they should drink, cook their food, and bathe in the tap water of todays world, is like encouraging them to play crapshoot with their health, while guessing what the outcome of their mid, and long term well-being might be like.

Here are some facts: Tap water is not free. We pay for it with our taxes, but that's only a minimal expense compared to how we're really paying for it.

The real cost of tap water is paid for with our health and this expense usually isn’t immediately noticeable. It is different for everyone depending on where they live and the mind-boggling variables to go into the creation of the tap fluid they’re using.

Yes, that’s correct, tap water is created, just like tea, and only it’s not made with naturally grown herbs. The list of ingredients added to tap water both intentionally, and by default through environmental contamination, is very challenging to accept. Most people are in denial or they refuse to look at it because of fear.

Has anyone noticed the disease rates plaguing our world lately? Does anyone think that tap water might have something to do with it? We drink it, cook with it, grow our commercial agriculture with it, bathe/shower in it, and guess what's in it?

Use your imagination because not all tap water is created equal. Unless you personally are testing the tap water coming from your faucet on a weekly basis then you have no idea what is actually in it - or what could suddenly show up in it.

What does that mean?

Here are some more facts - tap water 'ingredients' differ from town-to-town, state-to-state and country-to-country. Aside from whatever treatment protocols a specific municipality requires, tap water is subjected to a plethora of environmental toxins including the full spectrum of industrial pollutants, geo-engineering fall-out, trace pharmaceuticals, radioactive isotopes, PCB's, etc.,etc.,etc., and that's only the surface level threat.

Where things really get murky is in tap water infrastructure where the water gets piped from the treatment facility to your home, school, or work place.

Water is known as the universal solvent meaning that it will absorb whatever substrate it is subjected to. The rate of absorption will vary based on how the water is treated and its PH.

Does anyone remember the disaster of Flint Michigan? Sadly it’s still not over for Flint.

Additionally, one of the worlds leading clean water advocates Erin Brockovich said that Flint Michigan is only one of potentially thousands of such scenarios in the US alone because much of the original tap water infrastructure is still in place (built with lead pipes and many other highly absorbable toxic materials). Some of this infrastructure was built when Lincoln was President.

In 2017 the famed consumer advocate and environmental activist lamented the state of American politics and called out the Republican and the Democratic parties for failing to recognize that "we have a national water crisis."

Including the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Brockovich cited 18 states that are dealing with water contamination with substances like lead and hexavalent chromium, and said that politicians have failed to recognize that clean water is "a national security issue."

So what are the solutions?

Until the PTB (powers that be), decide to take the issue of cleaner tap water more serious, individuals are left to fend for themselves.


But here are a few things that you can do right now:


  1. Learn about water and come to the realization that optimal drinking water shouldn’t have ingredients added to it.


Most experts agree that the healthiest drinking water is unprocessed, contains low TDS (total dissolved solids), has a low inorganic mineral content, and is bubbling out of the ground of its own accord (spring water), but that is also routinely and extensively tested for natural purity and void of anthropogenic input (human influence mainly through industrialization). Unfortunately these waters are rare, but they can be found with due diligence.

Tourmaline Spring is one of these waters. This list of attributes that makes us unique is incomparable to virtually every bottled water company out there. Just read through our website and you will understand why.




Realize that there are two types of bottled water companies in our modern world. The first type (that makes up roughly 90% of the bottled water industry) are taking tap water that is filtered and often treated further, before being bottled and sold back to you.

The other type of bottled water company that makes up the minority percentage is comprised of small bottlers who are doing the best job they can to remain ‘in-integrity’. Please research these and support these companies when you can. Contact them and ask for their water test results.



If you live in a city or suburban area, and don’t have access to extensively tested, naturally pure spring water, invest in a water distiller and add a little Celtic Sea Salt to it. MegaHome produces a good distillation machine. Use this water to cook your food with. This water won’t have the nurturing effects that a water created deep within the Earth will have, but it’s much better than tap fluid.


  1. Invest in whole house water filters, shower filters, etc. for bathing purposes. There are many different filters on the market. Do your research and discover the ones that are best for your needs.



Research, research, research…


We are water beings. Water is the most abundant and crucial element in our lives next to air. The more you understand about water the more proactive you will be in sourcing water that is of the highest integrity and influencing others to do the same.

Thank you for reading.