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December 03, 2018

Why Support Tourmaline Spring Reason #7 They say 'Maine is to drinking water what the Middle East is to oil', but we think that it should be rephrased to say “Maine is to drinking water what California is to oil” LOL

But the point is this: Of all the natural sources of spring water in the state of Maine, Tourmaline Spring (Summit Spring), happens to bubble up at a point of high elevation that is very rare for Maine (750 feet above sea level).

Another anomaly of this great source is the fact that the water bubbles up through an area of the state that has the most complex mineralized granite body in all of Maine, yet the water’s TDS is remarkably low (59-62) depending of the time of year. Some people think that the name Tourmaline Spring is just ‘fancy marketing’, and its not –it’s fancy marketing based on fact!

The Tourmaline crystal is not only the state of Maine official gemstone – this great natural source that we have preserved for future generations just happens to bubble up right in the heart of the most prolific tourmaline crystal producing ‘hot-spot’ in the state of Maine! We don’t ‘add’ tourmaline crystals to this water, or infuse them into it because Mother Nature does it all on her own!

Support this great company and watch us keep it as family owned business and use it as an example for how to be a proper steward of a great natural resource!