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May 25, 2020

Our pre-talks in preparation for our new Podcast "The Integrative Science of Water and Consciousness" have been well received!

Two Tourmaline Spring Co-Founders, Bryan Pullen and myself, Seth Leaf Pruzansky discuss everything to do with Tourmaline Spring and the fascinating, well-documented history of Summit Spring.

In "Part 4: The Story of Tourmaline Spring - Why is this water so important for our health?" We get into our loyal customer base,Importance of water to the body, the very low mineral content of Tourmaline Spring Water and we bring out some great laughs!



  • Pricing and customer queries.
  • Importance of water to the body
  • TDS content of Summit Springs water





Seth 00:00

We have just an amazing customer base. At this point we've been doing this for long enough, the people who know us love us, we have a really solid customer base. But people who are just finding out about us or don't really know much about us, will usually ask questions like, "Oh, why should I pay so much for a bottle of water?" Well, number one, we don't cost really - we're pretty much priced competitively with all of the, quote unquote, 'higher end brands' out there, which as you're hearing, up to this point, aren't actually really high end. So we are priced competitively and I think we're priced below some of them, depending on where you are. But people want to know, what are the benefits? And this is crazy, right? They want quantifiable health benefits. But let's get into that, but it's very simple. And this where we get into a more common sense perspective, because look at us as a species. We are so disconnected from nature, since the Industrial Revolution, since people have been living in this 'go, go, go' fast-paced society. We have lost touch with the essence of the planet. And even in the health food industry, and even in health enthusiasts and health connoisseurs. You can eat the highest quality, most mineral rich - you know, the soil is the most nutrient dense soil there is to create food that is just teeming with life. But it doesn't address the most important issue of all, which is: what is the water used to make that food? How does that work? What is that water? Okay, and my point is, you can eat all that food but still it's being processed by humans. There's a lot of human interference in its production. And we have something here that has virtually no human interference, that has been cured and cultivated by the planet for longer than any of us can even begin to imagine. So at a time when we as a species are so disconnected from nature, what do you think is going to happen when you take a water like this that has been cured by Mother Earth since time immemorial, in time immemorable, we can't even imagine? And you're gonna put that water into your body. Do you think that water like that is going to make you feel more connected with nature?


Bryan 02:48

How can it not? I always have said in the beginning, I believe in Mother Nature, not man's machinery. I believe Mother Nature is perfect. We are in search of purity. What we look for is purity, and natural purity. The whole organic movement is trying to get away from pesticides, and all these chemical treatments. We're trying to find natural purity. We're trying to grow a tomato in your grandmother's backyard with water and sunlight and nothing else. Right? That's what we're in search of. So why would we want to - I want to go as close to nature as I can get with minimum interference.


Seth 03:36

That's what we do.


Bryan 03:38

I can't imagine how a natural product from nature - and this is what I explained to the regulatory - this water is pure, I can prove it with chemical analysis. How can this not be better for us? Why do you want to touch it? I say to people all the time, they said "Well, we want -" I said, "Well, what chemical would you like me to add to my water? Do you have some favourite chemical you like?" Is it chlorine or fluoride or do you like disinfection byproducts, or lye or anti-corrosives? You know, ask the people in Flint, Michigan, what chemical do you want? This is lunacy. Why would I add a chemical to a natural product that does not require anything? Why would I do that? It's insanity. You know, especially when you...we're not putting this in the car's radiator, or you know - they love it if you put it in an iron, right? Irons love water without mineral content. Ours is very low. This is human consumption. And we're not armadillos, right? We're nothing but water. I mean, you look at the percentages overall, 75% and then different tissue get higher and higher and higher, the blood being 93%. The brain is up to 88%...


Seth 04:57

Well, from a straight molecular level, we're 99% water.


Bryan 05:04

We're moving water blobs, are we not? We are absolutely water creatures. No question about it. If you look at illnesses, dehydration is the cause for almost everything. I mean, let's face it, you cannot last much longer than 48 to 72 hours without drinking water or getting it somehow in a food. If I put you in a room and I give you no water and no food, tou're dead real quick. Nobody goes on a thirst strike. They go on hunger strikes, but nobody goes on a thirst strike, because you'd be dead so fast that you wouldn't get your point across. I mean, that's how critical it is. You can sit there for a month until you die of no food. But you're talking 72 hours, 48 hours. How much do you need water? Our bodies are almost 100 degrees. We're baking off water all the time. You need it constantly, second only to breathing. You need to drink constantly. You're constantly replenishing your water supply, interstitial tissue, intercellular water. All this is critical to health and wellness. It's the foundation.


Seth 06:22

 The most important. Yes.


Bryan 06:24

And nobody gets it, or very few people get it. It's never talked about, and all these health and wellness conversations, they should start with air. These conferences, they should start with air first, because it's the most important. Six to 10 minutes without air and you suffer irreversible brain damage. I was a paramedic. I know we use that as a decision to resuscitate or not. Did somebody see this person drop? How long have they been here? If you can't tell me how long this person's been here not breathing, I'm not going to resuscitate him, because you bring back a vegetable. If you can tell me he just fell five minutes ago, I'll try to save his life. Air is the most important. So they shouldn't be talking about filtration. If you live in the city, if your air is not pure, that's the first thing you should talk about is air purity. Look at everybody wearing masks, now. I guess we're a little worried about the air purity now, aren't we?


Seth 07:16

That in combination - just on a side note, people have never been taught how to breathe, either. Deep breathe, that's a major...we all breathe very shallow. We're a shallow world, right? We're shallow beings at this point, everything's on the surface. But it's in the depths that we find the purity, that we really strive and want.


Bryan 07:38

So every health conference, no matter who has it. David Wolfe, whoever, it should start with breathing and air that should be first, and guess what should be second. There should be a discussion on water, because that's the second most important thing. Way more important than your food. The most important food is water before you even talk about solid food, you'd better talk about water. And that's the foundation of everything. What's in your water? Our water is so naturally pure, it will cleanse your body. Why do people buy distillery machines, and why do they buy all these treatments? And what are they trying to do? They're trying to remove contaminants from water to make it more pure for you. Our water is so pure, it doesn't need any of that. I mean, the two biggest brands, which anybody can find and I don't need to name, were created to have a TDS of around 50, which is total dissolved solids, which is your mineral content of your water. They did multimillion dollar studies to determine that human beings in America like a TDS a mineral content around 50. Europeans grew up on a much higher TDS, and like a more mineralized water. We don't. So they stripped their water to nothing. And they build it back with chemicals to reach a TDS of 50. If you look at the chemical analysis of Summit Spring water, and Tourmaline Spring, you will see a natural TDS out of the ground, as low as 57 as high as 65. We hover right in there, depending on the time of year when we take the sample. I mean, it's perfect as it comes out of the ground. It's the perfect building block for health and wellness, and if you are not paying attention to water, you're missing the most important thing other than air, you're missing the most important thing.


Seth 09:45

I heard Gabriel Cousins last week, I was watching a video and he was talking about water and it's interesting, because he said, you know, we're roughly, by weight - this doesn't include all the breakdowns of molecular in our brain, which have different - but he said most people, by weight, are around 70% water. But if they're dehydrated, it's way less than that. They're between like 50 and 60%. So like you said, water, dehydration is literally one of the most determining factors for illness, for sickness, everything. We are bio-electric beings. Our body is literally generating bio-electricity, that flows from our heart to our brain, down through our spinal column to all the organs of our body, back up again. It's being sent through all these systems of our body, and what carries it? It's the water, and it's not just any water, the water that's in our body -


Bryan 10:53

Synapses are all full of water. There's a chemical transaction that takes place between the synapses.


Seth 11:01

The water that is in our bodies is a very special water. It's not filtered tap water, it's not bottled, filtered tap water, it is a highly structured, almost gelatinous type of water that our entire electrical system operates on. So are we going to take a water that has been, like you said, the twice-baked potato, water that comes out of a municipal system that has been treated and then treated again and then filtered and treated again and blah, blah, blah, over and over? Or are we going to choose to say, you know what? Maybe a naturally pure water that just happens to come out of the ground at a perfect TDS level, total dissolved solids are perfect, perfect trace minerals, perfect electrolyte, which is going to feed the electrical contact activity of all these electrical systems in your body. Is that going to be more important for my overall wellness as a whole being? Or should I eat this organic food? Which is going to be more essential?


Bryan 12:21

What could go wrong? What could go wrong, other than everything? If you're completely a water creature, what could go wrong? Everything could go wrong. Everything. You know, I have to call out a lot of the health experts in this country. I don't really want to do it, but I got to raise the bullshit flag. If you are promoting a machine that just happens to cost $4,000 or more, if you're promoting a machine and treating water and filtrate - if you're promoting all this crap, when there are natural spring sources that require no treatment, you're missing the boat. It's fraudulent. Somebody's making money off that filter, the machine. Now, I'm sorry that we have to charge for our water. I'm sorry that we have to pay for the bottles. I'll show anybody - we haven't made any money yet. We're just close to breaking even. That's how we operate. But unfortunately, my bottles cost money, everything costs money.


Seth 13:27

The land -


Bryan 13:28

I want to give it all for free, but the woman that I bought it from, I have to pay her and she won't let me do that. But we are just gathering the product, and trying to put it in the best container at the best value. I'd be glad to do it glass if people want to pay for the glass, but they won't, for the most part. Look at what's on the shelf. Almost nothing's in glass, everything's in PET. Even ones that started in glass have gone to PET.