Video/Podcast: The powerful philosophy behind Tourmaline Spring

If you want to understand the philosophy behind Tourmaline Spring and would love to be inspired to understand your own passionate purpose in life then, please listen to this and share it! 🏔💦❄️

It is a very powerful podcast done with Coco Seedner, Simonne and Craig for the Out Of The Box podcast🌀❄️

💎💎💎The Rarest and Most Prized Drinking Water On The Planet Comes From A Naturally Bubbling Spring In MAINE! (Interview With Seth Leaf Pruzansky, Founder of Tourmaline Spring!) 🏔💦❄️💎🌀

Out of the Box Podcast:
Our focus is on empowering our audience with topics and out of the box concepts they can apply in everyday life; Topics such as health and wellness, people skills, relationships, entrepreneurship, leadership, travel, love, culture and so much more! Get ready for our discussions and interviews as we dissect books and bring on some of the top leaders in their fields to tell their stories and share their insights.🤗🕊🌎

Click the link to hear the full Episode on their podcast (its more in-depth than the video above):…/the-out-of-the-box…/id1300369153…



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