Raw Water – the TRUTH of the trend from the pioneers who created it


Raw Water – the TRUTH of the trend from the pioneers who created it

– The recent media blitz that has escalated in regards to Raw Water, is a testament to how disconnected from nature our human species has become.

It is incredible to witness how many of the ‘experts’ in our country have publicly demonstrated sheer ignorance in their knowledge of safe drinking water, not being able to differentiate between drinking ‘raw’ water from a stream, compared to ‘raw’ natural spring water, that comes from a comprehensively tested, centuries-old source.

Worse yet, is the usage of words being uttered by these “professionals” such as “moronic, idiots, snake-oil salesman”, and the “risk of DEATH” from drinking ‘Raw Water’!

Who are the real idiots here?
-Is it the educated Silicon Valley health enthusiasts who want natural, non-contaminated water?

-Is it the agents of both the Maine Drinking Water program, the Maine Department of Agriculture, and the Food and Drug Administration for allowing Tourmaline Spring to package untreated water?

-Is it National Testing Laboratories, a major testing facility with their ISO 17025:2005 NELAP accredited certification, and their 50 state drinking water compliance who has tested our water for the last 13 years?

Here are some facts about Tourmaline Spring that none of them have mentioned.

~ Our brand Tourmaline Spring (from our parent company and source Summit Spring in Harrison Maine) has sold untreated spring water for the majority of its 140+ year history without a single complaint at state headquarters about its quality.

~Our spring water EXCEEDS every state and federal guideline for drinking water straight from the ground. That is why we applied for, and were granted, permission to bottle our water untreated from the source.

~We are the pioneers and founders of the Raw Water brand who is marketing untreated spring water in the US, and we hold the trademarks on it. Others who are marketing their water with our trademarks are copying us, and infringing on our trademark.

~We are the only bottling plant we know of in the US to capture, and gravity feed into the bottle, without any treatment directly at the source of the spring.

~ We are a small family owned spring water company in the woods of Maine that has preserved one of the last great authentic sources of spring water in the North American continent.
Our source is that unique, and that is why scientists call it a rare geologic phenomenon.

This water has been filtered by mother nature for 1000’s of years, purifying it to the degree that we are officially exempt from treating it.

Being so, we are the ONLY company we know of in this country who will actually show people the source (online).

Tourmaline Spring only bottles the overflow that bubbles naturally to the surface (what mother nature freely offers), and nothing more, ever.
We have designed our facility so that it cannot function in any other way.

We all need to step back, take a deep breath and have an intelligent conversation about natural spring water vs. public municipal tap water and what is best for the human body.
Another parallel conversation should be had about different and better ways to treat tap water and improving our deteriorating water supply infrastructure.

We welcome that conversation.

And by the way, here is a link to our water analysis testing. If anyone can find a single element of concern within it they will have observed what 40-year veteran water chemists, and hydro-geologists have missed.”



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