Prophetic Dreams of Sacred Spring Water


A polarizing discussion that can sometimes cause a divide amongst people-spirituality and the difference between a “scientific” or left brained understanding of the world and an intuitive more spiritual orientation 0:22

Bryan points out that he’s the steward of this spring water source (not the owner) and how by acknowledging that it shows respect for the planet because he is the guardian/protector of something that is still sacred 1:01

I had a “prophetic” dream where I saw Bryan as an eagle watching over this spring and guarding it. Then I told him about the dream, and then he told me something 1:22

The eagle has always been a big part of his life as he flew in the military on a plane called “the Eagle”, its a symbol of our nation and when he found out about Summit Spring the “Crested Eagle” was the symbol used on the original labels. 1:23

Tourmaline Spring sits on the highest ground of Cumberland county where the original spring steward used to watch the mating rituals of the Crested Eagles that then lived there 2:12

Somebody close to him intimated that they also had a dream about him, very similar to the one I had where only where Bryan was Native American wearing feathers and a head dress that would morph into wings and he would fly around the spring, looking over it and guarding it from danger 2:33

There is a certain science that suggests why people have prophetic dreams and miraculous health rebounding episodes when drinking out of sacred springs.

Some are prophetic springs, some are healing springs and some are visionary springs and it has to do with the amount of vortex energy inherent in the spring water. Due to the geography, geology and placement of the spring on or near magnetic lines visionary states were often induced.

Its why poets and writes liked some of these springs because they do induce “another” state of awareness 3:12

When you think about all the surface of the earth that we live on and all the things we’re exposed to that have been changed and polluted by human industry and then you have these places, deep source natural springs that give you a gift from another time. Such springs have been unaffected by the last couple hundred years of industry. How can they not bring with them memory, impression, sacredness?
When you look into the spring and watch the water bubble out of it you see pockets of air rising to the surface with the water.This air comes from another time! The air in the springhouse and the smell of it is charged with negative ions (like after a thunder storm) and it invigorates your entire being. 3:53

Thats what made places like this the original sacred sites where the most profound temples were built because its the “blood of the mother”, the parts of Earth that have been least affected by the material world. The parts that have been the least subjected to the thoughts of people, negative thoughts especially. Its the lifeblood of the mother in its purest form.

By ingesting such purity into your body, of course its going to have an effect. 4:55

Our blood is 90-93% water, our brain is very high in water (85% or so) 5:21

Every week of you life you replace your entire blood supply. The typical human has 5-7 liters of blood and we should be drinking a liter to a liter and a half per day. If we drink one case of water per week (essentially twelve 1L bottles) you’re replacing your entire blood supply every week of your life. What kind of water are you drinking to replace your blood? Tap water with all its chemical poisons, what does that do to our blood? 5:35

What does drinking toxic tap fluid and other poisonous foods do to the “sacred” element of our very human existence? (Freddie, “I hope Keith Richards is watching this, its much cheaper! Lol” 6:14

We now know that if we compare sacred spring water to ordinary water (tap fluid) that is very lazy and static in its movement, the research in Europe has found these sacred springs are highly energized with millions of little vortexes swirling around in them very fast 6:22

So, you’re sitting down in your office not getting any movement and your 2/3’s water in your body is stagnant like a bacteria filled pond with a lack of vitality, you then drink this stuff and how can it not have an affect because its going to influence the vorticular motion of blood flow in your body. Without vortex motion you can’t get blood to flow through your veins, you’d be dead. 6:46

Since the popularity of bottled water has taken off, big companies need more water than the springs themselves normally provide and so they drill wells or “boreholes” in the area of the original spring to tap excess water and draw it with pumps so that the spring stops flowing. The sacred springs get destroyed 7:50

Tourmaline Spring is one of the few anywhere in the world that remains as its always been and its been validated from a scientific level that it maintains a purity level that for now no other spring water can match 8:08

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