Message in Response to Raw Water from the founder of Lemurian Springs in New Zealand

As a water researcher, author and founder of a rare, all natural, high alkaline water company in New Zealand, I wanted to write something in support of Tourmaline Spring. I have witnessed a media frenzy around the ‘hot’ topic of raw water lately. However, whenever there’s a frenzy, there’s often innocents that get hurt in the stampede.

Of course information is power, but only if it’s correct. No one is recommending drinking water from streams, or any water that is compromised and exposed to pollution. Whatever lives, breathes, flows and exists on the SURFACE of our Earth is vulnerable to toxicity. However, the kind of water that runs deep underneath the Earth, can not be lumped into the same category.

To begin with, Tourmaline Spring were the first to claim and trademark the name, ‘Raw Water’, and quite rightly so…they are the ONLY bottled water ever issued an ‘exemption from treatment’ in Maine’s history because of it’s purity. It has exceeded every Federal and State guideline for drinking water direct from the ground for as long as it’s been trading…nearly 14 years with zero health complaints! The term, ‘raw water’, was trademarked SPRING SPECIFIC, not to be mistaken for water drawn from a river or stream.

Much like, Raw Food which is highly recommended for a multitude of reasons, real Raw Water, which has been tested and approved to be 100% safe to drink, can also hold real health benefits.

But let’s face it, it appears that technicalities like trademarks and health safety standard compliances have be thrown out the door like the proverbial baby with the bath water. The owners of Tourmaline Spring are conscious, caring and considerate people, that take pride in the purity of their water. It is absolutely disgraceful that they have been sent death threats and abuse.

Here are a few interesting facts:

Water is generally classified into 2 groups: Surface Water and Ground Water.

Surface water includes lakes, streams, rivers, basically water that is exposed. This is not safe to drink for obvious reasons. I believe the term the media should be using in relation to all the health concerns relating to raw water should be renamed, “Raw Surface Water”.

Ground water is contained within the water table in underground aquifers, and can be thousands of years old…which is a great thing, because if it’s deep enough it’s unlikely to have been contaminated by radiation, pollution, toxic waste, effluence…you know all the things surface water has to deal with these days.

Depending on the regulations of your government, all water companies have to comply to certain standards. Many ground waters are safe to bottle at source, some are filtered, some companies use ozone…but they are all significantly safer than surface water.

But there is a 3rd category most people haven’t heard of…it’s called Primary Water. Primary Water is water that is ‘Earth generated’. Meaning that when conditions are right oxygen combines with hydrogen to make NEW water. This water is pushed up under great pressure from deep within the Earth where there are fissures or faults. Depending on the geology, Primary Water can be close to the surface or even flow out as a bubbling spring. It has never been part of the hydrologic cycle until it arrives at the surface, and can be thousands of years old. Tourmaline Spring sits in this third category, making it about as raw and pure as it gets.

The people in Silicon Valley drinking untreated water, are quite likely very aware of exactly what’s in the water they’re drinking..or what’s not in it. Highly processed water, just like highly processed foods, aren’t on a health conscious person’s shopping list. I suspect they’ve done their own homework. At the end of the day it’s up to them what they choose to drink, just like it’s up to you. In this world of trends, many get swept up in what everyone else is doing and saying rather than making their own, informed decisions. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that drinking unfiltered, untreated surface water is a bad idea considering the way we treat the surface of our Planet. Granted the term ‘raw water’ could logically be applied to surface water as it essentially hasn’t been treated, but the term raw can apply to some pretty nasty things that can get into surface water…like raw sewage.

At the end of the day we are spoilt for choice in the West with so many water options. Most of us have no real concept of what it is like to be desperate for water of ANY kind. This is a 1ST world problem if ever I’ve seen one. The media are there to give you information, what you do with that information is up to you. Everywhere in life there are twists and turns of opinion. If the news inspires you to inquire further, great, inquire away…I wholeheartedly encourage you to. We are not the innocents we used to be…we can’t claim ignorance anymore with so much information at our fingertips. Research, ask, inquire, don’t believe everything you hear, decide for yourself.

Tourmaline Spring, I support you, your ethics and your water. From my home in New Zealand, all the way to Maine, we are all joined together by water, not separated by it.

Note from Tourmaline Spring: Veda Austin wrote this article and selflessly submitted it to us to assist in bringing greater awareness to the ‘Raw Water Trend’ and the ‘Water Consciousness Movement’ that is bubbling up everywhere around the planet.

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