Here’s what a world renowned hydrogeologist has to say about the rarity of Tourmaline Spring

“Tourmaline Spring in the state of Maine is a rare high-elevation source of primary spring water that is an anomaly amongst all the known prolific spring water sources on the planet. It bubbles out of the ground as a cold spring (46 degrees), with a remarkably low TDS (59), in a complex, highly, mineralized granite body. ❄️💎❄️

This combination of elements and properties is virtually unseen in primary spring water sources that bubble naturally to the Earths surface. Tourmaline Spring is only the second spring of this nature that I’ve encountered throughout all my travels and studies of primary spring water sources on our planet in the past 50 years. And, to top it all off, not only are they the only ones bottling water of this nature, they are also doing it without any treatment whatsoever.“
Pal Pauer, a globally respected hydro-geologist and founder of the Primary Water Institute (

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