For all the ‘lovers and haters’ of bottled water (and Tourmaline Spring)

This message is for all the ‘lovers and haters’ of bottled water and especially Tourmaline Spring.

Its for the ones who are either seemingly enraged by it, like what we’re doing but still have more questions, and for those who love it and believe in this vision. This article/message/rant is in no way a declaration of being fed up with the progress of Tourmaline Spring. It’s more of an observation of human behavior in an imbalanced world and my resolve to face it head on!

Its amazing how many email and text messages I get from people saying really terrible things about it due to whatever problem they think they have with themselves and the world, and its additionally interesting to note how many emails I get from people who are jealous by the appearance of what I’m doing, and yet as soon as I take precious time out of my day to answer them, they reveal how close minded they really are.

For anyone who cares, because I feel my time is better spent working diligently to make a positive difference in the world, I’ve now enacted a strict “delete, block and ban policy” from my friends list and TS business page, for those who have no interest in what this business is all about and have come simply to troll. There are plenty of dark, cold and slimy internet sites available that make comfortable homes for you trolls. I hope you can find others to comfort you, no matter how briefly that may be. You won’t find that with me. I’m looking at the big picture and working through the muck and mire to eventually get to greener pastures.

What these people don’t see is that I work every single day of the week with only sporadic days and weekends off without making a penny, and at times wondering if its all worth it. Just by their attitude towards me, I think I can tell that they wouldn’t work that hard at anything, although they are really good at complaining and pointing the fingers at others! There could be a career in that waiting for them, however I haven’t done the research.

But I do what I do regardless of negative criticism because its a labor of love, and I’m compelled-beyond being driven, to make this business concept work because I truly feel in the core of my being that what this great spring water source and its business model represents, is a potential reality that our entire human species is missing from a collective and personal level: ‘the direct experience of our soul in our moment to moment experience that leads to the distinct understanding of our life’s purpose’.

I cover some really “far out” spiritual based concepts in this message as well as the practical day to day operational stuff along with some facts and figures that almost everyone takes for granted every day. If you think you have a problem with Tourmaline Spring or me, than please read this.

Here it is:

With all due respect to your opinions and wisdom, and considering that it can be really difficult to express the deeply heartfelt intentions behind the entire mission of Tourmaline Spring through text message on a computer screen, I’m hoping that after reading my response you won’t feel so broken hearted about the choices we are currently making in regards to plastic, bottled water, and the long term strategies in place to improve not only our business model, but more importantly, to serve as an example for all business models.

I’m going to go deep in my response to this because I feel like you might be someone who would appreciate to more fully know where I’m coming from, but ultimately that’s not my call and I might be wrong, and if so its on me!

From a subjective viewpoint, I actually completely agree with you that both bottled water and/or plastic are not the answer.

But from an objective viewpoint I propose that soulful, loving individuals who are truly grateful to be alive and recognize the rare, priceless gift that we are all afforded through our very human perception-and that are beyond driven to make a difference in this world, as opposed to sitting around and being ‘anti’ or against something- are the ones who should be doing exactly what I’m doing with this project.

From the way I see it, one of the major reasons that our world has become so toxic on so many levels, is because of the greed involved in business and industry.

And why would the element of greed be so predominant in almost all sectors of business, all over our world? To grossly over-simplify the predicament, the answer might reside in the idea that there is no awareness of “soul” (or very little of it), in the individuals who are running our world.

And because of that, these individuals certainly won’t be able to run businesses that reflect the self-awareness of their soul-the unified field of conscious energy emanating from the core of their/our being that is connected to all things great and small – through their business models.

I am a true lover of life, who doesn’t just ponder the conceptual or theoretical understanding that “we are all one” or that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”, I am someone who both experiences the truth of these ‘concepts’ directly, and someone who realizes that anyone existing in a human body – (with a miraculous ineffable field of so-called ‘divine’ energy animating their being), can experience the heights of this potential right here and right now, no matter how messed up they think they are (or may actually be)-and apply it into the world, especially into business models, if they feel so inclined.

Putting the “soul’ back into business

So to bring all this back down to Earth, my objective is actually very simple; I just want to put the “soul” back into small business and I’m starting it with Tourmaline Spring.

But, here’s where things get tricky! How do you put the “soul” back into business when your business model is a singled out minority in a global economy constructed and ran by “soul-less” industry?

Many “conscious” people I know wouldn’t even try (but I know there’s lots of change makers who are succeeding). They would just retreat to their to cave or shell, shut out the world, or worse, point their finger at it and blame “them” for all the worlds problems.

I’ve already tried this. I’ve lived for years out in the woods of Maine completely broke, living off the land and although I was struggling, I was feeling smug because I had ‘detached’ from the system. But, even though I was detached, and despite my struggles-quite happy, I still wasn’t content. I felt in my heart of hearts that I could be doing so much more for the world. But where would I begin?

I came to the distinct realization that I’d have to work with the systems in place, no matter how imperfect they may be, to begin to form a better way. What other way was there for me to do it?

The Gem that is Tourmaline Spring

Now, in regards to my company Tourmaline Spring, we are a small family owned spring water company in the woods of Maine that have preserved one of the last great authentic sources of spring water on the North American continent. This is a fact. Our source is that unique, that’s why scientists call it a rare geologic phenomenon. Its water that has been filtered by mother nature for 1000’s of years, purifying it to the degree that we are officially exempt from treating it.

This great source is most likely “Primary Water”. I apologize if you’re already very familiar with that, but its a very important point because the water is coming from deep inside the Earth from a time before pollutants, and it is unaffected by drought or modern hydrologic cycle contaminants.

The flow rate has remained consistent (even in times of historic drought throughout the past 200 years), with no explanation of where the hydrostatic pressure is coming from to cause the natural purity of the water to be so ‘electrically’ charged, refined and unrivaled. This is a prolific source, a massive amount of water bubbling up at a high-elevation. Most of the scientists I’ve spoken with can’t point to many, if any, sources like the one we have protected from corporate America ruining forever.

On top of that, we only bottle the overflow that bubbles naturally to the surface (what mother nature freely offers) and nothing more, ever. We have designed our facility so that it cannot function in any other way. Our mission is to literally set a standard for how an ethical water bottling facility can be represented in this world until things start to change on a much greater level.

I understand that at face value we just look like one more big corporate entity that is draining the planet and polluting her for a profit, but we are not even close. We might look this way at first because sadly, there are few if any water bottling operations that are like ours.

We are not at all the bottled water company that is causing or contributing to those problems, and it has been intentionally positioned (with its hopeful and eventual success), to be an organization that generates real solutions to the massive global issues we face regarding the irresponsible and environmentally catastrophic use of plastics and other chemicals.

Recycling and reusing

Here in the North East (where most of our sales are), we have state enacted bottle bills so that used bottles are recycled. When we start really moving into other territories at an accelerated rate, we will be using Enso additive. It causes bottles to biodegrade within three years of being placed in an anaerobic environment (landfill). Sadly this is where 80% of bottles end up.

We started out with Enso but can’t afford it right now. The more success we have, the more safe holds will be implemented into our organization, to not only help alleviate the problem, but also serve as a model for others who are using plastic (no matter what industry).

The green technologies to meet consumer demands and create a better/cleaner world are already available to us. The problem is that due to economic constraints (created by soulless industry), the technologies are not available to small businesses that are hardly making a penny. We can’t afford them until bigger companies start implementing these technologies, increasing the demand for authentic green technologies, thus reducing the cost for small businesses and everyone else.

I’ve created a 501c3 non-profit organization designed to address the issue of plastic that essentially holds all plastic using companies and consumers responsible for their usage, that has been touted as a sobering viable and potentially revolutionary by those who have reviewed it. But I cannot enact it with my current level of success (as my business has not succeeded yet).

Bottled water is always at the top of environmentalists “anti-agenda” but we are not ‘that bottled water company’ that is contributing to the pile-up of water bottles all over the globe, and sadly the bottled water industry as a whole is playing only a very small role in the global plastic crisis that we are experiencing as a species.

Well meaning consumer hypocrites

When I’m in a health food store, some people I speak with about my company ‘judge our book by the cover’ grouping Tourmaline Spring into the same category as the multi-nationals who dominate 90% of the global bottled water industry, without knowing anything about us.

Interestingly many of those people are almost always holding a plastic basket, or pushing a shopping cart full of food packaged in plastic, in addition to wearing synthetic plastic infused clothing/shoes, usually using a smartphone (whose components are destructively mined from rare earth elements), and many other modern consumer goods made with copious amounts of plastics and contaminated water- fueled by a petroleum industry that is only concerned with its bottom line.

On top of that they arrived at the store by driving a car loaded with plastic that burns disproportionate amounts of petroleum in comparison to what it takes to produce the plastic that their foods are packaged in. The tire dust created by their cars tires is contributing to 94% of US tap water being contaminated with plastic fibers. And to top it all off, many of these people also have no problem jumping on an airplane from time to time, either on business or vacation, that burns upwards of 1000 gallons of jet fuel per hour. The type of plastic used in almost every other industry is actually way (grossly) more toxic than the PET that most bottled water companies use, in regards to human health and the environment.

Yet somehow bottled water is on their hit list while many of them (hypocritically) will drink it out of convenience if they’re without a ‘healthier’ option.

Water is a basic human right and should be free

In regards to ‘water is a natural human right and therefore it should be free’, I agree again! But is this the world we live in??? No, not now, but I have hope we can make it that way, despite all the pessimists, nihilists, haters, trolls and their negative opinions about everything.

And so many will opt for the “free” water – the government approved tap fluid that actually isn’t free in any way, because we pay for it directly through our utility bills. But surprisingly the money we contribute to water through our utility bills is actually only a fraction of the real contribution that we make to our shared species use and abuse of water on a daily basis.

The BIG money that we are all dishing out to support the exploitation and abuse of water is happening to an extent way greater than most of us know, and it actually has its own term; ‘virtual water’.

“Virtual Water”

Your personal Virtual Water equation can be calculated to determine the amount of water you use every day. What’s crazy about virtual water is that each and everyone of us uses up massive amounts of virtual water without hardly, if ever, thinking about it, and we are paying for it with almost every dollar we spend, and the quality and means for such water’s extraction is far from harmonious or in alignment with nature.

Massive amounts of water is used to provide the power/electricity we use, the production and operation of the cars we drive, most consumer products are made either directly or indirectly with water, water is used when we recycle our plastics or any other goods, when we donate old cloths, sheets, blankets and towels, whether or not we keep pets and then there is the food we eat!

80-90% of the nations water consumption goes to agriculture. A single 6oz steak needs 674 gallons of water to create. Just as our bodies are 70% water by weight, so are the fruits, vegetable and animals that most eat. And what kind of water quality is being used for all our virtual water needs, and from where is it being extracted?

This isn’t water that is bubbling naturally of its own accord to a remote pinnacle in the mountains of Maine that is so naturally pure it’s exempt from treatment. This is water that has been used and abused by the best and worst of mans industrial ways.

The water that’s a basic human right is water that anyone can collect from streams, brooks, rivers, lakes and the ocean. But most people know better than to do that in today’s age of rampant industrial pollution (from all spectrums of industry).

What’s the quality of this water?

That brings us to the issue of water quality. So many people think that water is just water. Is food just food? It is far from it. Reverse osmosis and re-mineralization is akin to making mass produced processed foods, that we now know are not really good for human health. Sure, we will probably survive, but what’s our quality of life like?

The natural foods industry is in the dark ages. There is so much emphasis on organic, untreated, unprocessed, GMO-free, non-hybridized and wild-crafted foods, yet there is hardly any emphasis on the need for naturally pure untreated living water, imprinted with inner earth energies from a time before industry. Sadly, the highest quality organic foods there are, are still irrigated with potentially polluted and/or contaminated water no matter if its derived by natural means or tap water.

Sure, the Tourmaline Spring business model isn’t perfect, but in a perfect natural world we wouldn’t need clean water, or clean food, or clean air. Those governing our naturally perfect world have enough empathetic global objectivity to protect us, but they don’t, so we have to, or at least we have to try. That’s what I’m doing, and I’m working with the tools I have no matter how insignificant they or my vision may be. Its better than being ‘anti’ in my opinion and protesting, or doing nothing.

The unsustainable and greedy use of industry is what has driven us to this globally devastating point. It only makes sense in my mind that we have to work within the systems in place, no matter how imperfect they may be, to at least attempt to form a better way.

The problem is way greater than most realize or care to realize, and unsustainable plastic use is just a symptom of the bigger problem. The problem is more based around the health of the organizations that create these earth-destroying products. People are focused on the health of food, but they’re just starting to wake up to the ‘health of water’. There certainly aren’t enough focused on the ‘health of business organizations’. My child and our children will inherit the world we give to them. Unless we face an apocalyptic end, our kids will need to learn how to run ethical non-hierarchal business structures with soul to improve our world!

Spiritual conclusion

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and considering my opinion. I’m going to semi-conclude this message by heading back into space and getting all “spiritual” for a second.

Even if I’m completely wrong about everything I’ve said here, in my motives, in the economic realities and market factors behind all business, and that if ultimately our water bottling operation at Tourmaline Spring is nothing more than another soulless business trying to make a buck in the world (and obviously I don’t think that), than let me say this:

Tourmaline Spring is a soul-filled entrepreneurial attempt of self-actualization in action and/or metaphor, that suggests the purity of our consciousness – the very source of our soul – is bubbling up inside our core, and is available for us right now, to guide us by revitalizing our awareness of the miraculous life force that is animating our human experience, and teaching us to live (unconditionally) from that place, just like the waters from Tourmaline Spring are bubbling up from the core of the earth with such consistency and natural purity that they reinvigorate our bodies.

To me this spring, its water and the way we offer it, is a clear sign that hope is still alive and well in this world. I feel it reverberating through all my cells! I love life and I’m able to see the examples of this love reflected back to me in the world around. I feel that everyone will eventually feel it (although maybe not in this life).

Like pure water, I sense that people should have access to the basic unalienable natural right of knowing their true sense of self as the miraculous energy that animates their brain and body-the empowered part of themselves, as opposed to the victimized part of themselves.

There are not enough conscious-entrepreneurs leading by example for our kids to do something about this mess that our species is creating through greed driven business. As founder of Tourmaline Spring, all of these and more are my objectives. It’s the rare companies like mine that I hope likeminded individuals will support.

Written by Seth Leaf Pruzansky

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