Seth speaks abut Tourmaline Spring at the Maine Mineralogical Society in Portland Maine 2/17/18

Seth speaks at the Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society about finding big pockets of crystals, how crystaline granite bodies make perfect drinking water and saving the world through small business! As a kid, I went crazy over crystals! After discovering a fossil as a kid, I was turned on to gemstones crystals, rocks and[…]

Raw Water: be smart, not scared

Raw Water: Be Smart, Not Scared by Carly Nuday, PhD. Her website: Her powerful book about water structure Water Codes Original article posted at OMTimes “Raw water” has been making a lot of headlines lately. From being touted as a Silicon Valley trend to being slammed for supposed safety concerns, the reporting on the topic has been[…]

Distilled Water vs Spring Water: What’s Better?

With so much talk about how unhealthy processed foods are, why is there so little talk about unprocessed water and its effects on health, especially when you consider that our very human body’s are composed of over 70% of water, and probably more important than food. Does processing water make it better or worse for[…]

Tourmaline Spring on TV show Greenlight Maine!

A big thank you 🤗 to Greenlight Maine for giving Tourmaline Spring a chance to compete and get more exposure in our amazing state of Maine! Just being granted the opportunity to be a contestant on this show makes everyone a winner! Thank you for helping Maine entrepreneurs to get the exposure that we at[…]

Tourmaline Spring: science confirms – a rare geologic phenomena and unique expression of natural drinking water!

A Rare Geologic Phenomenon For decades Tourmaline Spring in Harrison Maine has long been referred to as a “rare geologic phenomenon”. And over the past year and a half, it has been touted as the naturally purest, best tasting and most prized drinking water on the planet by everyone from enthusiastic consumers to discerning water[…]

Video/Podcast: The powerful philosophy behind Tourmaline Spring

If you want to understand the philosophy behind Tourmaline Spring and would love to be inspired to understand your own passionate purpose in life then, please listen to this and share it! 🏔💦❄️ It is a very powerful podcast done with Coco Seedner, Simonne and Craig for the Out Of The Box podcast🌀❄️ 💎💎💎The Rarest[…]

New Maine company bottling water sought after for centuries-Tourmaline Spring Tourmaline Spring wants to thank Steve Minich and the Channel 8 News Crew for coming out and visiting the spring to film this great little bit that goes into the history of the spring!

Local Maine Business: Higher Ground in Portland with Tourmaline Spring

🕊I visited with Tessa at Higher Grounds Maine ☕️🍀coffee shop apothecary and this place is HIGH VIBE! 🌀💎I didn’t want to leave! I also learned that they have apothecary supplies from Avena Botanicals, Zen Bear Honey Tea, Maine Medicinals Herbal Revolution!💚🤗 They also have tea by Little Red Cup Tea, coffee by Speckled Ax Check[…]

Maine Local Business: Ten Ten Pié and Tourmaline Spring

Inspired by street food from around the world and ethnic markets here at home, Pastry Chef Atsuko Fujimoto (Fore St. Standard Baking, Miyake) and Community Organizer Markos Miller seek to make great multi-cultural eats accessible to all. Right here in the heart of Portland’s, make that Maine’s most ethnically diverse and cool neighborhood. Check them[…]

Living water hydrates cells for your BEST health

(NaturalHealth365) We know we need to drink plenty of water each day to hydrate ourselves. Our bodies, when we’re born, are about 90% water, and as adults, they are closer to 70%. When we die, that amount has dipped to 50% or even lower. Chronic low-level dehydration is a keystone of degenerative disease, in contrast[…]