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April 02, 2024

The Rarest, Most Prized Drinking Water on Earth comes from a Single Source in Maine


The shipping cost of Tourmaline Spring cases online has gone up so high that many of our customers have expressed their frustration and we get that because we feel it too. The price increase is so high that the loss of many regular customers might result in having to stop selling cases online all together. When people from Colorado to the west coast order in remote locations that even with our price increase, we still lose money because the shipping cost is so high.


This article is written for our loyal customers to clarify the value of this water and for potential new customers to understand why shipping costs are so high. By the end of this article anyone will understand the value of what this water offers and will be informed to make a choice to buy it or not. In short if you can afford it, it’s worth it! 


The current natural food market looked at objectively


In our modern day and age with so many health enthusiasts putting so much emphasis on organic, non-GMO, and unprocessed foods, consumer awareness still hasn’t quite caught up to the absolute importance of naturally pure, unprocessed water.


Strangely no one considers the water their food is grown with. And something most don’t know is that all national organic certifying agencies in the US exempt both water and salt from their organic certification protocol. This means that a food item labeled 100% certified organic, can be made with toxic, trace pharmaceutical laden, heavy metal laced tap water and the cheapest idolized salt and many big companies do exactly this for all of their 100% USDA certified products, for products that are available in every health food store in the country. If organic food products are grown with chlorinated, fluoridated, trace-pharmaceutical laden tap water that is contaminated with environmental pollutants, is it still actually organic even if the USDA and all organic certification agencies say it is? 


Another way to look at it is to take a bottled tea product on a store shelf. All that’s in it is a minute amount of tea and 99% water. As far as the USDA is concerned it can be labeled 100% certified organic because the tea is organic and the 99% water is exempt from certification. Do you see the insanity of this?


What is also strange is that most health researchers know food nutrition inside out yet are all but oblivious to the realization of how water feeds all parts of the body from the smallest subatomic particles of our body, to the highly complex organs systems their functions and relations to each other.


However, even of spring water enthusiasts, many of them know very little about the nature of springs or the different types of springs that exist on our Earth and as we always say “SOURCE MATTERS”! And this source of spring water is even more rare than the state of Maine state crystal “Tourmaline” whose beauty exceeds even emeralds!


Why Tourmaline Spring water is worth more than the current case price online


People everywhere are starting to realize that the water they drink has a greater impact on their health than the food they eat.This is a very interesting when you consider that 75% of our body is water, 80% of our brain, 90% of our blood and 99% of our cells is composed of or surrounded by water. And, nearly all the truly healthy foods we need to both survive and hopefully thrive, amidst the dis-ease we feel collectively as a species, is grown with water. 


Do you know where your drinking water comes from and what’s in it? Most people don’t and we aim to change that because as noted above, source matters and we can prove it.


Here’s why it’s worth it to drink Tourmaline Spring water of Maine and support our company vision


~ We have preserved one of the last great, most historically documented sources of natural spring water on this planet from being drilled into and forever destroyed by a host multi-national corporations that are well-known for their lack of ethics and morality when it comes to doing business.


~ The characteristics of this source are so unique that this spring itself is classified as a rare geologic phenomenon.


~ Over the course of millions of years, Mother Nature has filtered this water to a degree that no man-made machine can replicate. 


This process produces flawless, gem-grade spring water that has been bubbling up to the Earths surface, through a three hundred million year old crystalline granite body since the last ice age.


~ Our water is so prized, that it is an International Multi-Award winning brand.


~ We, as a small family owned bottling company in the woods of Maine, we are competing in a marketplace that’s dominated by the biggest multi-national water brands in the world, and we want everyone to know why Tourmaline Spring water is in a class far beyond them all.


In addition to having a negative impact on our environment, almost all of the BIG BOX brands we compete with are just expensive filtered tap water, with little to no benefit for human health.


Additionally, most of the truly prolific sources of spring water that remain are no longer actual “springs”, as the big companies who have privatized them install boreholes in order to ‘take’ more water than the spring itself freely offers.


Not only is this destructive to the environment, but it also bypasses the most important function of authentic spring water- the natural filtration process that occurs as the water bubbles upwards to the Earths surface. 


Sadly, these once great sources of natural spring water are gone forever, just to become ‘glorified wells’ - all in the name of profit.


By supporting Tourmaline Spring, you are not only purchasing an award-winning brand that produces the finest crystalline spring water in North America. You are helping us preserve this ancient source of water for future generations, while also supporting a company that has a vision to set a standard for ethical water bottling, and, that will improve its operation with every step of our success.


Here are a few current facts about the integrity of our spring water and business model, right now:


~ We are the ONLY bottled spring water company we know of in the world that shows you the source online. Most people don’t know where their drinking water comes from or if it’s actually even real spring water. 


~ Our spring water is so naturally pure that it exceeds every state and federal guideline for drinking water out of the ground. We are the only company in the world that we know of to receive this exemption.


Because of this, we don’t have to treat it. It’s treated by Mother Nature then rigorously analyzed through the most comprehensive water testing in North America, and scientifically verified as the naturally purest substance most people will ever encounter in their entire lives. Because of this, we don’t have to treat it.


~On May 22nd2018 Tourmaline Spring won two bronze awards at the International Fine Waters Tasting Competition held in Ecuador out of a couple hundred different waters from all over the world - one for taste and one for design.


~Our water is currently the only company in the state of Maine to hold ‘State of Maine Premium Grade Designation’. This is similar to Organic Certification for food, but for water. Additionally there is no other bottling company in the world that has such designation (that we know of).


 ~ Our source has a known history as a ”healing tonic” that dates back over 225 years. Its water’s were sold publicly before Maine was even a state, and was still Massachusetts.


~ We are the only bottled spring water company (that we know) in the world that gravity feeds only the overflow without disrupting the source. This means No Pumps or Boreholes, ever. We are NEVER bottling more than Mother Nature freely offers - only the overflow that bubbles up naturally from our spring.


~We are the only bottled spring water company that we know in the US that supports a nation wide bottle bill. We believe that every state in the country should have a deposit and recycle their water bottles. That’s why we have been proponents of a nation wide bottle bill since our inception.


~Our bottles are heavyweight, certified BPA-free 100% recyclable and shipped in light protective cardboard boxes. And in addition to testing our source, we also test our finished product. And for 15 years we have demonstrated non-detectable levels of any plasticizers or chemicals of concerns leeching into the water from our bottles.


~ Our water tests demonstrate Non-detectable levels of radioactive isotopes. Since the first atomic bomb was let off on our planet, radioactive isotopes have affected everything on the Earths surface, including the highest quality organic foods. 


But Tourmaline Spring has been protected underground, shielded from the toxic influence of industry in an impenetrable fortress of granite that stems from the planets core.


The facts above and many more, put us in a class that doesn’t exist in an industry whose product – drinking water- is about to become one of the most important issues we face as a species if it isn’t already. In all reality, it is sobering to consider that this is the only source of spring water in the world like it. This planet gifted us this precious gem water and in so many ways, it is priceless, making the current cost per case online completely worth it.


In closing, as a species we are so out of tune with nature because we are essentially out of touch with our own inner nature. What could be better product to connect deeper with our own inner nature than to drink water imprinted with the memory of earth’s creation that spans potentially billions of years? How do you put a price on that? It truly is priceless and for now we can still offer it to anyone willing and able to pay for shipping. If you can afford it, it is beyond worth it!


Our spring water, compared to any product in the Natural Foods industry is the difference hundreds of millions of years of refined elemental purity to a fast food restaurant. There is no comparison.


With everything happening in the world, we can’t guarantee that we will continue to offer it online unless we are able to get enough sales to make it worthwhile…