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May 14, 2020

Nano anything sounds fancy, yeah?  Sounds like we’re living in the future.  When you look at it, we kind of are!  In simple terms, when something is nano that just means it’s very small. In terms of CBD oil, that means the particles of CBD are far smaller than what we used to be able to accomplish through older methods of distillation. These infinitesimally small CBD particles, about 25 nanometers in size, are suspended in raw Tourmaline Spring water for an advanced delivery system that reaches deeper into cells for an exponentially greater effect.


You might have tried other CBD oil in the past, and there are many companies that use high-quality oil that still can’t match the bioavailability of nano CBD drops.  If you got an effect from these other products, that’s great!  Now imagine if you could use far less of your CBD drops and get the same effect, or use the same amount for up to 15X bioavailability!


That’s 15 TIMES more effective at normalizing blood sugar, reducing anxiety, deepening sleep, regenerating neural connections, healing joints, and decreasing inflammation. CBD Drink Drops have a documented list of over 300 science-backed health benefits, and nano CBD drops give you these benefits even faster than traditional oils.


For example, cardiovascular health is a major concern today, and millions of people are having to face a diagnosis of heart disease. CBD oil has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve heart function.  It can assist the body in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in the blood as well as reduce the stress that often precipitates heart attacks.


Pain keeps so many people from doing the things they love, and this goes for athletes, the elderly, and everyone in between.  CBD oil works at the root of joint pain, soothing the inflammation that causes it.  Decreased inflammation not only means less pain but also means joints can heal themselves better from the daily wear and tear our bodies suffer with.


If you’ve ever felt like your brain isn’t quite on, as though your thoughts are being pulled through mud, you know how hard it is to work through brain fog.  Nano CBD drops support improved brain function and faster neural connections.  It’s like de-aging your brain so you can think faster and learn new skills easily, even in your older years!


Nano CBD drops have no psychoactive effects and don’t make you drowsy, they just give you a sense of calm, while everything in your body starts to work better.  Whether this is your first time trying CBD drops or you’ve tried other brands in the past, Tourmaline Spring Nano CBD drops will blow your mind with how much better you feel, even after your very first dose.



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