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December 03, 2018

Why Support Tourmaline Spring Reason #4
We are the only spring water company that we know if in the world who will show you the actual source online. This is very important because in a modern societal age of mostly non-localized economies, most people don’t know where their food is coming from unless they know a farmer or are growing it themselves.
Sadly, even less people know where their water is coming from, and water quality as it pertains to health, is MUCH MUCH higher on the hierarchical scale of importance regarding your bodies essential needs. This is a big deal because if you know where your water is coming from then you know how rigorously it is tested, and what it is test for. We live in a modern age where our water and food is subjected to overwhelming amounts of industrial pollutants and toxins.
DO NOT DRINK RANDOM RAW SPRING WATER unless you have it tested thoroughly or if you know that it is coming from a source that comes is impenetrable to anthropogenic input.
If you love Tourmaline Spring, our message and our efforts, and want to see us bring this to a much bigger audience, please VOTE FOR US by liking these posts, sharing them, tagging others who might love us, and purchasing Tourmaline Spring water wherever you can!