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December 03, 2018

Government Defined Spring Water vs. Authentic Spring Water: Why Support Tourmaline Spring Reason #2 ❄️ What does that mean? ❄️

In the early 2000’s the federal government changed the classification of natural spring water to include water that comes from boreholes (pumps). Essentially such water is only ‘glorified well water’.

Previously spring water was only defined as ‘water that bubbled to the Earth’s surface of its own accord’.

This change in classification was made because big companies were not able to get enough water out of natural sources to fulfill their bottom lines, and so their lobbyists petitioned to have the definition of spring water reclassified.

However the reality is this: water that comes from boreholes IS NOT NATURAL SPRING WATER, even though technically it is now classified as such.

The reason why ‘well water’ is not spring water is because when water is pumped out of the ground, it bypasses the most important stage of natural spring water, and that is the waters filtration through sand, silt, gravel and bedrock as it bubbles to the Earths surface.

Tourmaline Spring IS authentic natural spring water.