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May 03, 2020

For The Love of Silver


When most people think of silver, they think of earrings, rings, or necklaces. Silver has an irresistible shimmer and adds a subtle feeling of glamor when you wear it. Do you really think we’re going to talk about silver jewelry today? No my friends, we’re going to talk about the real reason silver is so valuable: how it improves your health.


Silver vessels were one of the primary ways water was stored in ancient times not because the owners of these vessels were wealthy, but because the material had a practical purpose: it kept bacteria from growing in the water it held.


Today, modern science knows how to harness the power of silver where it’s needed most. Silver is used in a number of medical settings because it resists the growth of bacteria and doesn’t corrode. It helps to avoid patient infections which could be devastating in critical care situations. It’s known to break apart persistent biofilms that are behind many chronic infections that can look like mysterious and otherwise undiagnosable illnesses. It’s even used in space to keep water pure, clean, and safe for astronauts, where there is no access to fresh water from the Earth.


The power of silver is available to all of us, in the form of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is dissolved into minute nanoparticles that can be swallowed and absorbed for circulation throughout the body. Our bodies are smart: these silver particles are circulated anywhere in the body they are needed most. For example, someone with a persistent biofilm infection in their intestine would have the majority of colloidal silver working on this infection. Someone with a scrape on their knee would see faster healing of the skin, and someone with inflamed joints would have increased mobility.


Unfortunately, many lower quality sellers are willing to use just any old water from the tap, and don’t mindfully choose the silver for their products. This leads to a flood of barely effective products that cheat buyers of the numerous benefits they should be experiencing. If you’re going to choose a product to improve your health, something you’ll be putting inside the temple that is your body, you want the ingredients to be of the highest quality, treated as the sacred gifts from the Earth that they are.


That’s why we only use the purest silver for our colloidal silver infusions. It is 95% ionized and 5% colloids to prevent the silver from binding to itself and inactivating the beneficial actions of this magical metal. We blend it with love with our pure, living, raw Tourmaline Spring water, which is bottled cold right as it bubbles up from the spring, no pumps or machines needed.


Living, biological, structured water reaches deep inside cells to nourish tissues and encourage optimal function. Colloidal silver carried by this ideal universal life-giving liquid supports the health of your body by boosting immune function so you’re naturally able to fight off pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful substances.


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