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November 04, 2019

Modern technology has given us advanced ways to extract the active compounds from hemp, in the form of CBD Drink Drops. Humans have been refining this process ever since we started making teas and essential oils to get the best and most potent parts of the plant as effectively as possible.
While the methods of extraction are new, CBD has been used medicinally since the earliest human civilizations.
Take ancient Egypt for example. Their records were kept on papyrus, which is a thick paper-like sheet made from the pulp of the water plant of the same name. A remarkable number of these papyri have been recovered and translated. There are multiple references to using the cannabis plant for healing. It seems to have most often been used topically to treat inflammation and injuries.
Around the same time, the Greeks were using CBD to aid in healing both humans and animals. They would apply cannabis to sores and injuries when their horses were hurt. They also made teas from the seeds of the cannabis plant. This tea was useful in relieving pain and inflammation and could aid in healing ear conditions.
Ancient China is well-known for it’s advanced and detailed study of medicine, and the lexicons that were painstakingly written remain valid even today. A perfect example of their deep knowledge of plant medicine is that they were using cannabis medicinally since 2727BC. It was recommended to improve memory, as a prescription for those with malaria, and was known to treat other ailments.
As late as Queen Victoria’s reign, cannabis was being used medicinally, mostly for relieving pain and improving cognition. It wasn’t until between 1911 and 1937 that cannabis use fell out of favor, as legislation wanted to limit the use of psychoactive substances, among other reasons.
Decriminalization finally came back around, beginning in 1973 with Oregon, and more states today are choosing to decriminalize or fully legalize this healing plant and the medicine we can craft from it.
Three things cannot long remain hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth, and we are learning more and more about cannabis’s rich history of use and the ways in which it can help us live better lives.
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