Maine Local Business: Ten Ten Pié and Tourmaline Spring

Inspired by street food from around the world and ethnic markets here at home, Pastry Chef Atsuko Fujimoto (Fore St. Standard Baking, Miyake) and Community Organizer Markos Miller seek to make great multi-cultural eats accessible to all. Right here in the heart of Portland’s, make that Maine’s most ethnically diverse and cool neighborhood. Check them[…]

❄️Maine Local Business: Tourmaline Spring joins ChangeFest at L.L.Bean

Tourmaline Spring joins World of Changes first ChangeFest at L.L.Bean this Saturday Oct.28th from 12-6. Come join us for the party! All proceeds will be donated to charity! 💚🌎💵 This event will attempt to break the World Record for the most change on display, $180,000 set by Portugal in 1998. More importantly, it’s meant to[…]

Living water hydrates cells for your BEST health

(NaturalHealth365) We know we need to drink plenty of water each day to hydrate ourselves. Our bodies, when we’re born, are about 90% water, and as adults, they are closer to 70%. When we die, that amount has dipped to 50% or even lower. Chronic low-level dehydration is a keystone of degenerative disease, in contrast[…]