The Spring

What is it about Tourmaline Spring and why is it so unique?
Exemption from treatment

Tourmaline Spring is the only bottled water EVER issued an “exemption from treatment” in Maine’s history. Our water is so naturally pure it exceeds every Federal and State guideline for drinking water straight from the ground.


Tourmaline Spring bottles are 100% recyclable and we are one of the few companies who support a nationwide bottle bill!

The Mystery of Tourmaline Spring

One of the things that makes Tourmaline Spring so unique is the fact that it’s located near the summit of the highest point in Cumberland County, Maine, nearly 350′ higher than the surrounding terrain.

Maine’s State Gem-Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the most incredible and bioelectrical gems stones on earth and it also happens to be Maine’s state gem!

About US

Maine is to Water as Alaska is to Gold!
Tourmaline Spring is about people, planet and then profit


Integrity- The purity and integrity of the water sets the tone for the rest of the company. If the water is the flawless diamond, everything else is part of the platinum ring setting. Mother Nature herself does all of the filtering, to a degree and complexity that no man-made machine could possibly duplicate.

People- We take care of our employees because they are vital to our company mission and at the core of what we believe in and strive to achieve.

Planet- We only have one Mother Earth and we want to take care of her to the best of our ability-- and even improve our environmental health! We only take the water that bubbles out of the ground and then gravity feed it into our recyclable and biodegradable bottles. We are the only gravity fed bottled water company that we know of.

Profit- By smartly turning a profit, we will open up doors while representing an exemplary model of what the bottled water industry has the potential to look, feel and taste like.

Complete Transparency- We have nothing to hide. We are the only bottled spring water company who will show you our source as bubbles out of the ground, the way it has for untold 1000s of years!

  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition):

    Tourmaline Spring Water is the only company on the planet to offer completely untouched, true spring bottled water. Our water is so pure, it does not require any treatment whatsoever - not even ozone. As far as we’ve been able to ascertain, every other water on the market today, even the purest of them, are treated (usually in many different ways); our water is officially exempt from that necessity by the State of Maine by virtue of its natural level of purity

  • The Water:

    Our water bubbles up of its own accord through gemstone-lined vaults in one if the most ancient regions of one of the most ancient mountain ranges in North America. This makes our water some of the most pristine on the planet. Combined with its scientifically measurable purity, it’s peerless in its quality.

  • The Bottling Process:

    virtually every other “spring water” company on the planet boreholes or pumps their spring (meaning that in reality, they are no longer selling actual spring water, but well water). Our water, by contrast, is literally gravity fed to our bottling facility...which is located only 50 feet away! That means that the water only touches stainless steel from the time it leaves the spring to the time it’s bottled - it actually never sees sunlight until it’s bottled!

  • Brand Message:

    Tourmaline Spring takes environmental responsibility seriously. We represent “The Way Bottled Water Should Be “and we hope that you will join us on our journey towards corporate transparency and integrity. Our product is unrivaled in quality and purity; water from an ancient spring in Maine. You can feel good knowing that you are consciously supporting a better way to drink water.